Ohio: A teen murdered her boyfriend, by crashing her car



Mackenzie Shirilla, 19, wept openly as her conviction was upheld for four counts of murder for the car crash in July 2022 which claimed two lives: Dominic Russo was 20 while Davion Flanagan who was 19 at the time.


Scene in court

  • Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Nancy Margaret Russo declared on Monday: “This wasn’t reckless or careless driving; this was criminal behavior.”
  • “She had a mission and carried it out precisely,” stated a judge not connected with Shirilla’s killer; their relationship was in the process of dissolving when she was murdered at age 17.
  • “The choice is death.”
    An Ohio teenager could face prison time after she was convicted of killing both of her lovers by driving her car at 100 mph into a brick wall wall, with the judge commenting on how “she was literally the hell on wheels.”
  • Mackenzie Shirilla, 19, broke into tears as her conviction on four charges of murder for the car crash in July 2022 that killed both Dominic Russo, 20, and Davion Flanagan (19 years old), were confirmed by Cleveland.
  • Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court Judge Nancy Margaret Russo on Monday told her court, “This was no reckless driver; this was murder.”
  • “She did what was asked of her.” stated the judge who wasn’t connected with Shirilla who was gunned down at just 17 due to their long relationship ending.
  • “Death is inevitable.”
  • Shirilla hailing from Strongsville was charged with four felonious attacks as well as two counts of vehicular murder according to 3News.
  • Cleveland.com reported of her automatic sentence of life without parole after 15 years and announced Monday as her scheduled sentencing.
  • Security footage revealed Shirilla performing her act with intentionality by driving at 100 mph before it leapt over a curb and crashed into a brick building, according to a judge’s assessment of her acts.
  • “She quickly transforms from an attentive driver into an unpredictable driver as she traverses the streets,” the judge noted.
  • Mackenzie had decided on her own to drive the vehicle on an unremarkable route, one she had only recently used once or twice before and didn’t frequent regularly.
  • “Mackenzie chose an early morning drive time in which most reasonable people might expect there would be someone nearby to witness or provide lifesaving assistance for any incident that might occur,” stated Judge Steven Jones of the 6:15 am accident.
  • Russo and Flanagan, who had been sitting in the passenger and back seats respectively, were both identified as deceased upon arriving at the scene of the crash.
  • Shirilla was found unconscious with her fluffy Prada slippers laying across her accelerator. Cleveland.com reported the story.
  • As she lay unconscious following an accident, doctors informed her she displayed “grief guilt and shame” about it which the state’s attorneys considered as evidence of conscious guilt. As per court instruction.
  • Tim Troup, Associate Cuyahoga County Prosecutor for Cuyahoga County Ohio, informed the court that an 18-year-old female suspect planned to kill Dominic Russo after their months-long relationship ended stalemately.
  • “Davion was nothing more than cargo,” according to Troup.
  • “Whatever she had planned to do for Dominic Flanagan, she became embroiled in an unhealthy romance and ended up at an unexpected place that evening.
  • Prosecutors also highlighted statements Shirilla was heard making in the days preceding the collision, including one video where she threatened to lock Russo’s car as evidence of her intent.
  • “We believe justice has been served in this case,” she stated to us. “Every day that passes leaves us missing our son. Justice was done today for him but there are no winners here or today.”
  • “We are extremely relieved and thankful that justice was served,” Jaime Flanagan’s mother stated to the outlet.
  • “Every day since our son’s passing has brought tears. Today was an opportunity for justice to be done; but unfortunately there were no winners here today.”
  • She shared that Christine Russo, mother of another victim, and herself were able to experience an emotional moment together.
  • “We’re just embracing each other and so sorry this has happened,” Flanagan reflected. “We’re sad but thankful.”
  • Shirilla’s attorney did not wish to discuss her verdict, however her mother shared with us her surprise at what had occurred and expressed discontent towards the judge’s ruling and plans on appealing it.
  • Sentencing for this case has been scheduled to commence at 1 pm on Monday August 21, 2016.

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