Latest Update: 14 Year old Rizwana was tortured by Civil Judge’s Wife


ISLAMABAD – In a disturbing flip of occasions, Rizwana, the 14-yr-vintage domestic worker who allegedly suffered extreme abuse at the palms of the wife of civil decide Asim Hafeez, has now given her testimony to Islamabad police, dropping light on the harrowing details of her ordeal.

The stunning case of Rizwana’s brutal mistreatment got here to public attention on July 25, while the young female become urgently hospitalized due to vital accidents inflicted upon her. The incident has when you consider that ignited outrage and caused speedy movement from regulation enforcement government.

Acting rapidly in response to the reviews, law enforcement officials initiated a prison case towards the civil judge’s wife, who stands accused of subjecting Rizwana to merciless and inhumane treatment. The abuse allegedly prolonged beyond the spouse, as it turned into found out that the civil judge himself turned into also involved within the maltreatment of the 14-year-old lady, as in step with accusations from Rizwana’s grandmother.

In her recorded statement furnished to the police on Friday, Rizwana specified the quantity of her struggling on the palms of the judge’s spouse, Somia. She mentioned a distressing sample of bodily abuse, describing how she turned into mechanically beaten with sticks, iron rods, and different objects. The minor sufferer revealed that the violence escalated to kicking, slapping, or even hair-pulling, regularly culminating in her head being forcefully banged against walls.

Rizwana further disclosed that her torment prolonged past physical harm. During her confinement, which reportedly occurred on every occasion the decide’s family left the residence, she changed into locked in a room for days on give up with out access to food, water, or touch with the outside international. Even while allowed to speak together with her dad and mom over the telephone, the choose’s wife could reportedly monitor and manage the conversations.

The younger woman additionally shared that she become threatened and warned in opposition to revealing the abuse to her dad and mom, a tactic hired to hold her silence. Shockingly, Rizwana stated that her injuries were left untreated, further underscoring the traumatic nature of her scenario.

As investigations unfold, the civil choose has but to appear earlier than a joint research group, a development that continues to elevate questions about accountability and the pursuit of justice.

It is critical to word that the civil judge has already been eliminated from his function and reassigned as an Officer on Special Duty (OSD) following the Lahore High Court Chief Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti’s choice.

The case itself originated with the complainant, who had entrusted his daughter’s care to the choose’s family based totally on a reference from an acquaintance. The abuse become discovered whilst the victim’s parents in the end visited her after seven months of separation. The distressing scene they encountered painted a picture of scary abuse, with the lady bearing visible signs and symptoms of torture and neglect.

The FIR (First Information Report) filed in connection with the case alleges that the decide’s spouse, Somia, subjected Rizwana to a extended period of torture and illegal confinement. The sufferer’s parents are in search of justice for their daughter, and this case stands as a grim reminder of the vulnerabilities that can persist within home work preparations and the importance of safeguarding the rights and properly-being of young home people.

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