Manchester City’s Transfer: Signed Matija Popovic


Manchester City is making waves in the transfer market as they enter “advanced” discussions to sign the rising star Matija Popovic from Partizan Belgrade. This piece explores the young Serbian’s history, Manchester City’s calculated move, and the possible effects on the individual and the team.

In the dynamic world of football transfers, Manchester City is eyeing a promising young talent, Matija Popovic, from the Partizan Belgrade academy. Popovic’s remarkable performances have attracted attention, with Manchester City now actively pursuing the young Serbian forward.

Rising Star in Partizan Belgrade

Matija Popovic, a 17-year-old with a knack for goals, has showcased his skills in various positions, including central attacking midfielder, left winger, and centre-forward. His impressive record of 21 goals and five assists in 25 appearances for Partizan U19s has put him in the spotlight.

European Interest

Initially on AC Milan’s radar, Popovic has become the subject of intense interest from Manchester City. This turn of events suggests a potential tussle between two football giants for the young Serbian’s signature.

City’s Strategic Move

City is making a strategic move to “hijack” Popovic’s potential move to Serie A. The fact that Popovic attended a recent Champions League match involving City adds a layer of intrigue to this developing story.

Advanced Talks and Contract Offer

Manchester City is currently in “pole position,” engaging in advanced talks with Partizan to secure Popovic’s services. The reported offer of a “major” contract underscores City’s commitment to bringing the talented youngster into their ranks.

Popovic’s International Experience

Popovic’s contributions to Serbia’s U17 team and his notable performance in the under-17 Euros highlight not just domestic but international acclaim. His versatility as a six-foot-three attacker has earned him recognition on multiple fronts.

Popovic’s versatility is demonstrated by his ability to play as an attacking midfielder, right winger, and center forward. Manchester City, known for nurturing young talents, sees potential in Popovic’s multifaceted skill set.

Acknowledging Popovic’s quality and potential, City is keen to finish the arrangement with him. If City is successful, they will be able to hire the young Serbian player without having to pay a transfer fee.

Manchester City is now fourth in the Premier League as the transfer talks progress. The club is facing further obstacles and excitement as they prepare for the FIFA Club World Cup final versus Fluminense.


With the football transfer market changing so quickly, Manchester City’s pursuit of Matija Popovic is an indication of their dedication to acquiring young players with enormous potential. The result of these talks may have an impact on Manchester City’s long-term goals in addition to Popovic’s future.

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