Heart breaking: 60 Lives Lost on Journey to Senegal


An incident that highlights irregular migration’s ongoing humanitarian crisis has taken an unbearably tragic turn, with over 60 individuals believed to have perished after an IOM boat originating in Senegal was discovered off Cape Verde’s coast on Wednesday morning. This shocking news sent shockwaves through communities worldwide and reignited dialogue about international cooperation and finding lasting solutions to this tragic issue.

A Grim Discovery

An alarming discovery unfolded when a long wooden fishing vessel was seen sailing the vast Atlantic Ocean off Africa’s western shores. Carrying around 100 people at once, its fateful voyage started off from Senegal around July 10th with many survivors reporting their journey began at that date.

As more details of this incident were revealed, it became evident that at least 63 asylum seekers had perished in the treacherous waters; 38 survived, with four children aged 12-16 among them surviving as survivors. Emergency response teams working alongside IOM recovered seven bodies while 56 individuals’ fate remain uncertain and added to this heartbreaking loss of lives at sea.

Tragic Recurrence

Unfortunately, this incident is part of a disturbing pattern. Migrants attempting to travel from West Africa to Spain’s Canary Islands face perilous waters which claim the lives of numerous migrants who try their luck in unsafe vessels en route from West Africa – at least 559 were lost trying this path according to IOM data in 2022 alone; so far in 2018, there have been at least 126 deaths or disappearances along this route with 15 shipwrecks recorded during its first half-year journey.

Europe’s border and coastguard agency reported an alarming increase in irregular arrivals between January and July 2018, rising 13% year-on-year and reaching 176,100 arrivals – marking the highest influx since 2016. As discussions on migration and border control return to prominence, leaders face the difficult task of balancing humanitarian efforts with security considerations; more recently than last month alone 15 lives were lost when their capsized boat capsized near Dakar in Senegal.


In conclusion, the Cape Verde boat disaster serves as a stark reminder of our humanity’s urgency in confronting migration’s challenges. With lives lost at sea as evidence, we should ensure safe and regulated pathways exist for individuals seeking a better life; our collective responsibility should be to replace desperation and danger with hope and opportunity for migrants. While mourning those lost, may their legacy inspire positive change so no-one ever again has to risk their life searching for hope in a better future.

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