Latest: Donald Trump Jr’s twitter account got hacked

In a shocking turn of events, the eldest son of former US president Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr., found himself at the center of a digital storm. His X account, formerly known as Twitter, was allegedly hacked, leading to a series of bizarre and concerning tweets. One particular tweet announced the supposed passing of his father and declared his own presidential ambitions for 2024. In this article, we will delve into the details of this hacking incident, the reactions it garnered, and the broader implications it raises.

The Hacked Tweet

The incident began with a tweet that sent shockwaves across the digital landscape. The tweet, posted on Trump Jr.’s official X account, read, “I’m sad to announce, my father Donald Trump has passed away.” This startling claim was followed by an even more surprising declaration: “I will be running for president in 2024.

Community Fact-Checking

In the age of instant information dissemination, it didn’t take long for users to react to this extraordinary tweet. Several Community Notes, a tool that enables users to fact-check posts or add crucial context to them in order to clear up misinformation, were posted in response to the tweet. Users were quick to question the authenticity of the announcement and sought confirmation from reliable sources.

The internet, known for its diverse range of opinions and voices, reacted in various ways to this peculiar situation. Some responses were humorous, with users cracking jokes and making sarcastic comments about the situation.
Others expressed genuine concern, worried about the potential implications of such a tweet. It was a moment where the internet’s perplexity and burstiness were on full display.

Controversial Tweets

Aside from the shocking announcement about Donald Trump’s supposed demise and his own presidential aspirations, there were more controversial tweets on Trump Jr.’s hacked account. One tweet targeted Joe Biden with explicit language, while another made accusations against crypto personality Richard Heart, who had faced allegations of stealing millions from investors. The tweet also contained a threat to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), adding to the chaos.

Removal of Tweets

As swiftly as the tweets appeared, they were removed from Donald Trump Jr.’s X account just before 9 a.m. This raised questions about whether the account was indeed hacked or if there was another explanation for the bizarre tweets. Users were left to speculate about the true nature of the incident.

The X Spokesperson’s Response

In an attempt to shed light on the situation, an X spokesperson was approached by The Post. However, the spokesperson responded with a terse statement, indicating that they were “busy now” and advising to “please check back later.” This response only added to the mystery surrounding the incident.


The hacking of Donald Trump Jr.’s X account and the subsequent tweets have left the online community in a state of bewilderment. While the tweets have been removed, questions about the authenticity of the incident and the intentions behind it linger. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the power and influence of social media in today’s world and the need for vigilant cybersecurity measures.


  1. Was Donald Trump Sr. really dead?
    No, there is no credible information or news source confirming the death of Donald Trump Sr. The tweet announcing his death was part of the hacking incident on Donald Trump Jr.’s X account.
  2. Did Donald Trump Jr. really announce his presidential candidacy?
    The announcement of Donald Trump Jr. running for president in 2024 was made in a tweet from his hacked X account. It is not a legitimate announcement.
  3. What is the Community Notes feature on X?
    Community Notes is a tool on X that allows users to fact-check posts and provide additional context to combat misinformation.
  4. Were the controversial tweets on Donald Trump Jr.’s account investigated?
    The removal of the tweets came swiftly, and it is unclear whether a formal investigation into the hacking incident took place.
  5. What is the significance of the SEC reference in one of the tweets?
    The reference to burning the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in one of the tweets is part of the overall chaos and controversy surrounding the incident. It is not a legitimate threat or statement of intent.
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