Chaos on Board: By old man for making false bomb threat



An incident on board a Malaysia Airlines flight from Australia to Malaysia saw a 45-year-old man arrested after making false bomb threats and disrupting flight operations, creating panic among passengers and crew members alike. Muhammad Arif was identified as being responsible, disrupting passenger flow and prompting authorities to act swiftly and ensure their safety and that of passengers and crew alike. This episode serves as an eye opener, emphasizing just how serious in-flight disruptions are as well as how responsive government authorities must be when faced with emergency situations requiring their swift reaction ensuring both on ground as well.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH122 was on its way from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur when suddenly, due to Muhammad Arif’s disruptive behaviour from Canberra, it had to return early due to being diverted back. This unprecedented decision by officials led to chaos onboard as passengers tried their hardest not to miss their connecting flight homeward.

Prayers Are Disruption

Passengers on board of an Airbus A330 recall how Arif had drawn attention even prior to takeoff by loudly engaging in prayers. At first, his actions were met with amusement as most passengers assumed he was praying solely for safety of flight – however Velutha Parambath shared how Arif’s prayers led to laughter and friendly banter among passengers onboard.

At about 30 minutes into the flight, Arif’s behavior took an abrupt escalation when he stood up and began pushing and shoving fellow passengers. Things escalated further when Arif hinted of carrying explosives in his backpack without directly using the word bomb; his statements and actions left no room for confusion about this intent; Parambath recounted Arif saying something unnerving like, ‘I have power in my arms! This alarming declaration caused widespread fear among passengers onboard the flight.

Rapid Response by Authorities.

Once the plane had safely touched down at Sydney Airport, law enforcement quickly took control. Arif was quickly arrested without incident by Australian Federal Police (AFP), charged with making false statements about threats to damage aircraft and not complying with cabin crew safety instructions – charges that carry severe consequences such as up to 10 years imprisonment and significant fines.


Attaining Passenger Safety

Once authorities confirmed it was safe, passengers and crew were evacuated from the aircraft under careful watch from law enforcement agencies to ensure no harm came to any passengers or crew during this ordeal. Although due to disruption 32 domestic flights had to be cancelled; further delays occurred for other domestic routes as a result of these cancellations and significant delays for other domestic routes as a result of disruptions caused by this event.

Arif’s legal proceedings serve as a timely reminder of the grave consequences associated with making false threats and disrupting flights, endangering not only those on board but also having far-reaching ramifications for air travel and public safety in general. Such acts have far reaching ramifications which underscores the necessity of stringent security measures as well as adhering to safety protocols by passengers themselves.


Muhammad Arif’s disruptive conduct aboard a Malaysia Airlines flight illustrates how swiftly authorities acted to ensure passenger safety. It serves as a timely reminder of what can happen when false threats and panicked behavior cause passenger discomfiture on an aircraft flight, underscoring once again how important aviation authorities play ensuring everyone who embarks upon them are secure and well.


What charges has Muhammad Arif been faced with?

Muhammad Arif has been charged with making a false statement about a threat to damage the aircraft and with not complying with cabin crew safety instructions.

What penalties does Arif face if found guilty?

If found guilty, Arif could face a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment and a fine exceeding A$15,000 ($9,730).

How did passengers react to Arif’s initial behavior?

Passengers initially reacted with amusement when Arif engaged in prayers before takeoff, assuming he was praying for the flight’s safety.

What led to the escalation of the situation during the flight?

Arif’s behavior escalated when he stood up, pushed passengers, and implied he had explosives in his backpack.

What impact did the incident have on flight schedules?

The incident resulted in the cancellation of 32 domestic flights and significant delays for other domestic routes.

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