How to Add Text to Video in OBS: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Add Text to Video in OBS

Video content has quickly become a powerful communication and entertainment medium in today’s digital world. From content creators and marketers to those simply looking to enhance their videos, adding text can provide context, information, and engagement – one such popular and powerful tool being OBS (Open Broadcaster Software). We will guide you step-by-step through how to add text to video in obs in this guide, helping you create captivating video content that stands out.

How To Add Text To Video In obs

Introduction, OBS Installation and Source Integration, Customizing Text Appearance for Visual Impact Animating Text for Added Impact as Well as Tips for Effective Text Usage are covered herein. Ultimately this chapter concludes.
Introduction to Adding Text in Videos Videos often rely on textual elements to effectively convey their messages, whether that means providing subtitles for accessibility purposes, product infographics or emphasizing key points. Text can make viewing experiences richer. We will introduce OBS, an advanced live streaming and recording program, as a solution for adding text into videos.

Before getting started with OBS, let’s first ensure it is installed and set up on your system. If not yet installed, head over to and download the version that suits your operating system – once downloaded open OBS and follow these steps:

Add Text Sources in OBS
Establishing New Scenes in OBS
Scenes serve as different setups for your videos. To add one, click the plus (+) button under “Scenes.”

How to Add Text Sources: Once your scene is created, click the plus (+) button under “Sources,” select “Text,” name your text source, and click “OK.”

Editing Text: When selecting Edit Text from the Property Window menu, a Properties Window will open. Here, you can enter your text in the “Text” field as well as adjust font, size, color and alignment options.

Customizing Text Appearance

OBS offers several customization options to make text more visually pleasing and appropriate to the theme of your video:

Font Selection: When selecting your fonts, ensure they complement the content. Avoid any overly decorative fonts which might make reading difficult.

Text Color: When selecting text colors for use within an illustration or photomontage, ensure they contrast well against its background for optimal legibility. Achieve high contrast through careful selection will keep text legible and easy to read.

Background and Border: If you want your text box to stand out even more, consider adding a background color and border.

Text Animation: OBS offers text animation options such as fade and scroll; however, keep in mind that too much animation could detract from the content. Too much animation may distract readers.

Animation Text for Visual Impact

Text animation can add visual appeal and emphasize key points, so here’s how you can animate text in OBS:

Keyframes: OBS allows you to set keyframes for text properties. This enables gradual adjustments of its position, size and other attributes over time.

Transition Effects: Transition effects allow you to introduce or delete text smoothly, including fade in, fade out and slide options.

Tips for Effective Text Usage

  1. Keep It Concise and Clear Keep your text concise so viewers can quickly scan through and comprehend your message.

Placement: When positioning text, make sure it won’t obscure crucial visuals or obscure faces or details that should remain unobscured.

Consistency: For an expert appearance in your video, be consistent in using fonts, colors and styles throughout. This ensures a polished appearance.

Test for Legibility: Be sure to review your video with added text on varying devices and screen sizes, to make sure it can be easily legible.


OBS opens up a host of options for adding text to videos, from subtitles to call-to-action messages, that can greatly enhance viewer engagement. Make sure not to overwhelm viewers with too much visual information; OBS’s features and your creativity allow you to craft visually pleasing videos that convey messages effectively.

OBS offers an accessible platform for adding text to videos, making it accessible for both novice and veteran content creators alike. By following the steps outlined herein, OBS will allow you to easily integrate text into your videos thereby heightening their impact and engagement levels.

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