latest: Indonesia Jails Woman for Sharing TikTok Video trying Pork

In a shocking turn of events, Lina Lutfiawati, known as Lina Mukherjee on social media, has been convicted and sentenced to two years in prison in Indonesia. Her crime? A TikTok video that ignited religious controversy. In this article, we delve into the details of the case, the implications, and the broader context of religious conservatism in Indonesia.

The TikTok Controversy Unveiled

Lina Lutfiawati, a 33-year-old woman who identifies as Muslim, found herself at the center of a nationwide debate when a TikTok video she posted in March went viral. In the video, she uttered a brief prayer phrase that translates to “in the name of God” before indulging in a crispy pork skin, a food item strictly prohibited in Islam.

The Palembang court in South Sumatra province wasted no time in convening a blasphemy trial against Lina Lutfiawati. The judges ruled that her actions constituted “spreading information aimed at inciting hatred against religious individuals and specific groups.” In addition to her prison sentence, she was slapped with a hefty fine of 250 million rupiah ($16,262). For context, this fine is a substantial amount in a country where the annual per capita wage hovers around $4,300. The court also warned that her jail term could be extended by three months if she fails to pay the fine.

Lina’s Shock and Apology

Following the court’s verdict, Lina Lutfiawati expressed her astonishment at the severity of the sentence. “I know I was wrong, but I really did not expect this punishment,” she said. She also issued an apology, stating that she regretted her actions. However, her remorse did not sway the court’s judgment.

Rising Religious Conservatism in Indonesia

Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim nation, has witnessed a surge in religious conservatism in recent years. Blasphemy laws, like the one invoked in Lina’s case, are being increasingly weaponized against religious minorities and individuals perceived to have insulted Islam. This trend has raised concerns among human rights groups who advocate for the protection of freedom of religion and belief.

The Forbidden Pork

Pork is categorically forbidden in Islam, and the consumption of pork remains taboo among the majority of Indonesian Muslims. However, it’s important to note that millions of non-Muslims living in Indonesia, including the ethnic Chinese community and those residing in the Hindu-majority island of Bali, regularly consume pork without religious restrictions.

Lina Mukherjee, as she is known on social media, boasts an impressive following of over 2 million on various platforms. She is renowned for her lifestyle and food videos, where she samples a wide array of dishes.

Unfortunately, her popularity took a hit when her TikTok video drew widespread condemnation from religious groups, including the Indonesian Ulema Council, the country’s highest Muslim clerical body, which labeled it “blasphemous.”

This incident is reminiscent of a troubling pattern in Indonesia, where individuals expressing religious views or engaging in acts contrary to Islamic teachings face harsh legal consequences. One of the most notable cases was that of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, also known as Ahok, an ethnic Chinese Indonesian politician who was jailed for two years on blasphemy charges despite offering a public apology.


Lina Lutfiawati’s case sheds light on the complex interplay between freedom of expression and religious conservatism in Indonesia. As the country grapples with these issues, it’s crucial to have open and respectful dialogues that uphold both religious sensitivities and individual rights.

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