Latest: North Korea’s International Flights resume after COVID-19

North Korea International Passenger Flights Resumes after COVID-19 Pandemic.
North Korea reopens international flights after COVID-19 pause. Stay updated on travel news and restrictions in the region

In a good development, North Korea has resumed worldwide passenger flights after a extended hiatus because of the COVID-19 pandemic. This marks a vital step in reconnecting the isolated kingdom with the rest of the world. Air tour among North Korea and other international locations, which includes China and Russia, has been reestablished, offering wishes and possibilities for both the North Korean people and global vacationers.

On a sunny Tuesday morning, Air Koryo flight JS151 from Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, made a historic touchdown at Beijing’s PEK airport at precisely 9:17 a.m. Local time. This momentous arrival signified the primary recognized international business flight departing from North Korea since the country sealed its borders in January 2020. The decision to close its borders was pushed by the preference to save you from the inflow of coronavirus cases.

Over one hundred passengers, which includes many North Korean nationals, eagerly boarded the return flight to the capital. These people were stranded in China for over a year after Pyongyang’s choice to shut its borders. The resumption of these flights now not handiest indicates the reestablishment of journey however additionally reunites households and buddies who have lengthy awaited this possibility.

Chinese Approval and Russian Resumption

It’s crucial to note that the resumption of North Korean flag service Air Koryo’s regular flights between China and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) obtained approval from Chinese government. This move underlines the cooperative efforts between the two international locations to normalize worldwide tour.

Additionally, everyday flights among North Korea and Russia are set to resume on Friday, August 25. This comes as a large improvement, thinking about that it will be the primary time such flights have operated since the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted worldwide air tour.

Before the pandemic, Air Koryo last operated an global passenger flight on February 1, 2020. There were five spherical-experience weekly flights among Pyongyang and Beijing, highlighting the degree of interplay and connectivity that existed in the pre-pandemic technology.


Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Announcement

The Chinese Foreign Ministry made an reliable announcement on Monday, confirming its popularity of the restart of everyday passenger flights between China and North Korea, to be operated through Air Koryo. This selection reflects the shared interest in restoring no longer most effective diplomatic ties however additionally critical transportation links among the two countries.

Besides flights to China, flights from Pyongyang also are anticipated to arrive in Vladivostok in Russia’s Far East on Friday. According to Tass information enterprise, a neighborhood airport legit has confirmed this development, marking another milestone in restoring global tourism.

It’s worth noting that even before the resumption of passenger flights, Pyongyang had taken steps to reconnect with the world. Last yr, the town resumed cargo services by means of educate and truck to and from China and Russia. These cargo services performed a crucial position in maintaining essential alternate and connections throughout the pandemic.


The resumption of worldwide passenger flights with the aid of North Korea is a great step in the direction of normalizing members of the family with the sector. It now not most effective gives desire to stranded nationals but additionally holds promise for vacationers and change. As the arena keeps to grapple with the influences of the pandemic, this development serves as a reminder that connectivity and cooperation are vital in overcoming demanding situations.


Why did North Korea close its borders in January 2020? North Korea closed its borders in January 2020 to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. The government took this drastic step to protect its citizens from the pandemic.

How long were international passenger flights suspended in North Korea? International passenger flights in North Korea were suspended for over a year, starting in January 2020, and resumed in August 2023.

What role did cargo services play during the pandemic in North Korea? Cargo services, including trains and trucks, played a vital role in maintaining trade and connections between North Korea and China and Russia during the pandemic.

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