PlayStation Portal: Sony’s New Remote Handheld


Sony is an industry-leader when it comes to gaming. From their iconic PlayStation consoles and cutting-edge graphics and gameplay, to groundbreaking mobile gaming offerings like PlayStation Portal – bringing all the experience of PS5 right into the palm of your hand – they have never failed to deliver. But mobile gaming was where Sony had lagged behind until now with this innovation that brings PS5 experience directly into players’ palms!

Sony began pursuing mobile gaming back in 2005 when they released the PlayStation Portable (PSP), an innovative handheld console during the PS3 era that revolutionised portable gaming by introducing UMD discs and boasting some of the highest graphics ever seen on a portable gaming device. Although initially successful, this handheld was never able to fully capture market dominance; Nintendo still remains ahead.

Sony made their second attempt at competing in mobile gaming with the PS Vita in 2011. Though it gained many fans, developer support never materialized and ultimately it never really stood a chance against Nintendo. Now however, with PlayStation Portal they hope to try once more.


PlayStation Portal: An Excitement in Mobile Gaming

The PlayStation Portal is more than just another handheld gaming device: it is a true game-changer in its own right, designed to enhance your PS5 gaming experience in ways you never thought possible. Here’s everything you need to know:

  1. DualSense Features at Your Fingertips
    The PlayStation Portal features key elements from the DualSense wireless controller, giving you access to adaptive triggers and haptic feedback for an unparalleled gaming experience.
  2. Eye-Catching Visuals
    The Portal comes equipped with an 8-inch LCD display capable of producing 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second – giving users the high-definition experience synonymous with PlayStation gaming.
  3. Remote Connectivity
    The PlayStation Portal is the ideal solution for households where television viewing time is in high demand or simply those looking to enjoy PS5 games in another part of their house. Connected remotely over Wi-Fi to your PS5, it enables seamless switching between PS5 and Portal without interrupting gameplay – plus supports DualSense controller compatibility! Plus it includes 3.5mm audio jack for wired audio – making this product perfect.
  4. Know Your Limits
    While PlayStation Portal is impressive, it should be remembered that it does have some restrictions. It cannot support PS VR2 games that require headsets nor can it stream games through PlayStation Plus Premium’s cloud streaming services.
  5. Sony’s PlayStation Link: A Connected Solution
    To further expand the versatility of Portal, Sony has unveiled PlayStation Link, an innovative wireless audio technology designed to ensure low latency and lossless audio when connecting it with PlayStation 5 hardware.
  1. Battery Life
    Everybody’s main priority when considering new hardware purchases is battery life. While Sony has not officially revealed how large a battery size they plan to equip the Portal with, we can expect it to have longer lasting power compared to power-hungry competitors such as Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck.

Price and Accessories The PlayStation Portal remote player will launch later this year at an attractive price: either $199.99 USD, 219.99 EURO, 199.99 GBP or 29,980 YEN. Stay tuned for details regarding when pre-orders will commence!


Sony recently unveiled two impressive gaming accessories to enhance your experience: the Pulse Elite wireless headset and Pulse Explore wireless earbuds. Both features AI-enhanced noise canceling capabilities to further deepen gaming immersion.


Sony is back into mobile gaming with an impressive contender – PlayStation Portal. Offering all the power of PS5, this handheld experience brings all its gaming might right into your hand for seamless and immersive gaming. While it may have its limits, this revolutionary product will undoubtedly revolutionize handheld gaming in 2018 and beyond.

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