Latest: Resident Evil Village on iPhone 15 Pro, Release Date Announced

The Exciting Arrival of Resident Evil Village on iPhone 15 Pro

If you’re one of the lucky few who snagged an iPhone 15 Pro this past weekend, you’re in for a spine-tingling treat. The highly anticipated arrival of Resident Evil Village on your smartphone is just around the corner. Capcom, the mastermind behind this iconic survival horror franchise, has discreetly unveiled that the iPhone and iPad port of Resident Evil Village is set to release on October 30.

A Quiet Announcement

Capcom’s revelation of the October 30th release date for Resident Evil Village was anything but loud. This exciting news was quietly slipped into the page dedicated to the iOS and iPadOS versions of Village, along with the Resident Evil 4 remake. While Capcom has refrained from disclosing pricing details, a quick reference to the Apple App Store shows that the macOS version of the game is priced at $29.99. Japanese fans were also in for a pleasant surprise when Gematsu reported that Capcom had confirmed the same release date for the port in Japan.

The discovery of the Resident Evil Village release date on Capcom’s official website in Japan wasn’t limited to that region. A visit to the website from the United States revealed the same release date.
This global release strategy means that fans worldwide can mark October 30th on their calendars as a day of horror-filled adventures.

Pricing and Content

In Japan, eager gamers will be able to purchase the base game for 4,990 yen. Additionally, there’s an enticing downloadable content pack called “Winters’ Expansion,” available for 2,000 yen. The best part? The game application itself can be downloaded for free, granting players access to the spine-tingling opening sequences of Resident Evil Village without any charge.

Device Compatibility

Resident Evil Village on iPhone 15 Pro is designed to run seamlessly on a range of Apple devices. It will be compatible with iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPad Air, and iPad Pro with the M1 chip or later. This extensive compatibility ensures that a wide audience can experience the terror of the Village.

Looking Forward to Resident Evil 4 Remake

While the anticipation for Resident Evil Village is reaching its peak, let’s not forget about the Resident Evil 4 remake. Scheduled for a 2023 release on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, it promises to be another heart-pounding addition to the franchise. In Japan, the base game will be priced at 7,990 yen, and the “Separate Ways” downloadable content will cost 1,000 yen. Similar to Resident Evil Village, the game application will be available for free, granting players a taste of the action-packed opening moments.


The wait for Resident Evil Village on iPhone 15 Pro is almost over, with October 30th circled on the calendar. The game’s availability on a variety of Apple devices ensures that fans won’t be left out of the horror experience. With its spine-chilling gameplay and immersive storytelling, Resident Evil Village promises to deliver unforgettable moments of fear and suspense. Get ready to face the unknown and embark on a journey through the mysterious Village.

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