Samsung Odyssey Neo G9: A New generation of OLED panels

Samsung has heard the call of avid gamers worldwide and responded by unveiling its massive 57-inch Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor, offering a whopping 7,680x 2,160 pixels resolution with 1000R curvature and 32:9 aspect ratio. Join us as we discover more of this massive gaming behemoth!

Unveiling the Future of Gaming Displays

At CES 2023, Samsung presented their Odyssey Neo G9 G95NC gaming monitor – garnering interest among both gaming fans and tech enthusiasts. Calling it the world’s first dual UHD gaming monitor, let’s examine what sets this monitor apart from others on offer.

Visual Brilliance One of the Odyssey Neo G9’s major draws is its impressive VA LCD panel, boasting 7,680x 2,160 resolution and offering gaming with exceptional clarity. Plus, with 1000R curvature for immersive playback spanning your field of vision as wide as two typical 32-inch 4K displays side-by-side; making this an incredible game changer for those craving expansive visuals!

Speed Is of the Utmost Importance: Samsung Odyssey G9

In gaming, speed is of utmost importance – and that is certainly evident with the Odyssey Neo G9. Boasting a variable refresh rate up to 240 Hz combined with AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro technology ensures motion is silky smooth without tearful movement or tearful tearout; furthermore with an extremely fast 1ms GtG response time you won’t have to worry about ghosting or motion blur giving your competitive edge an added edge.


Multitasking Made Easier: Samsung Odyssey G9

The Odyssey Neo G9 is more than just a gaming system; it’s an all-purpose powerhouse. Equipped with features like picture-in-picture and picture-by-picture, you can connect and use multiple PCs simultaneously – perfect for content creators, streamers and professionals who require multitasking on an epic scale.

Samsung’s Quantum Mini LED lighting technology takes center stage to enhance color reproduction and contrast on this gaming monitor. While details regarding dimming zones remain undisclosed, its results can be seen: blacks are deeper while colors more vibrant; while quantum dots further expand its gamut by covering 95% of DCI color space ensuring every pixel provides visual stimulation.

Connectivity for the Future: Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

To unlock all the potential of the Odyssey Neo G9 monitor, it must first be connected to an appropriate host device. DisplayPort 2.1 with UHBR 13.5 is currently only supported on AMD Radeon RX 7900 graphics cards while HDMI 2.1 features FRL 12 mode with DSC (Display Stream Compression). Furthermore, there is a built-in USB hub providing convenient connectivity of peripherals.

Pricing and Availability: Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

As stunning as it is, the Odyssey Neo G9 comes with an exceptional price tag to reflect its exceptional capabilities. In the United States it will be available for purchase at $2,499.99 retail; preorders in the UK have opened with PS2,199.99 preorder prices. Though this may seem like a significant investment at first glance, gamers and professionals looking for cutting-edge display experience consider this an affordable investment in cutting-edge technology.

Conclusion: Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

Samsung’s Odyssey Neo G9 monitor has raised the bar in gaming monitor technology. Boasting mammoth size, immersive curvature, rapid performance and stunning visuals – it has quickly become one of the premier ultrawide gaming monitors among both gamers and content creators alike. Now with its release just around the corner, gamers and content creators alike eagerly anticipate diving deeper into ultrawide gaming like never before.


  1. Is the Odyssey Neo G9 compatible with gaming consoles like the PlayStation and Xbox?

No, the Odyssey Neo G9 primarily relies on DisplayPort and HDMI connections, which may not be compatible with gaming consoles.

  1. Can I use the Odyssey Neo G9 for productivity and work-related tasks?

Absolutely, the monitor’s multitasking features make it ideal for professionals who require expansive screen real estate.

  1. What’s the significance of the 1000R curvature?

The 1000R curvature ensures that the screen wraps around your field of vision, providing an immersive gaming experience.

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