latest: Russia and North Korea finalised Arms Deal

Intelligence reports indicate that Russia and North Korea have engaged in intense discussions regarding an arms deal that is anticipated to provide significant ammunition supplies to weapons systems such as artillery. This development has caused much consternation, as it indicates an attempt by Moscow to acquire additional resources for their failed invasion of Ukraine. While North Korea denies these talks exist, Biden administration officials are deeply alarmed at them nonetheless.

At the center of this unfolding narrative lies Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s recent trip to North Korea. While on his visit, Minister Shoigu attempted to persuade Pyongyang to sell artillery ammunition directly to Russia – this diplomatic mission being seen as signalling Russia’s urgent need for military support from Pyongyang.

Noteworthy is North Korea’s persistent denial of involvement in arms negotiations with Russia; yet, the US remains convinced that such talks are taking place, raising questions as to its extent of support for Russian military efforts in Ukraine.

International Response

The international community has responded swiftly and vocally to these developments. The United States and its allies have voiced serious reservations over any potential arms deals between Russia and North Korea, particularly via arms trade deals between Moscow and Pyongyang. U.S. ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield delivered a joint statement from her nation, Japan, South Korea, and Britain which emphasized any such transactions would violate U.N. Security Council resolutions.


This arm deal carries with it multiple implications. First and foremost, it highlights the gravity of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine which have drawn strong condemnation from the US and European allies alike. Moscow refers to them as special military operations while Western governments dispute this classification of their actions in Ukraine as such.

Sanctions and Concerns

To respond to this situation, the U.S. has taken significant steps. This month alone, sanctions were placed on three entities that may have been involved with arms deals between North Korea and Russia in order to deter or interrupt any support North Korea may provide Russia’s forces in Ukraine.

The road ahead remains uncertain, with international observers watching developments closely as this unfolding saga of arms negotiations unfolds. The Biden administration in particular is keeping close tabs on it as this marks a crucial juncture in global geopolitics.


The recent disclosures regarding ongoing arms negotiations between Russia and North Korea has sent shockwaves through the international community, raising grave concerns for Ukraine’s conflict and global security. The US and its allies remain firm against this alleged collaboration, citing potential violations to U.N. Security Council resolutions as justifications for action taken by both parties against each other.

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