Latest: Pakistan welcomes Denmark to Criminalize Desecration of Holy Quran

ISLAMABAD (Dunya News) – In a vast development, Pakistan has prolonged a warm welcome to Denmark’s proposed legislation aimed toward making the desecration of the Holy Quran illegal. This move comes as a huge stride in defensive the sanctity of religious texts and fostering mutual respect amongst one of a kind faiths.

A Positive Step towards Sanctity

Pakistan’s reaction displays a nice stance toward Denmark’s proposed law, which seeks to criminalize acts of desecration towards the Holy Quran and other respected holy books. The circulate is seen as a vital undertaking to protect the sanctity of non secular symbols.

Emphasizing Respect and Harmony

A spokesperson from the Foreign Office (FO) lauded Denmark’s initiative as a stride closer to curtailing heinous acts that focus on the sacred symbols of various faiths. The FO underscored the gravity of the difficulty, categorizing the desecration and burning of holy books as deeply offensive acts that breed non secular animosity.

Freedom of Expression vs. Respectful Dialogue

The FO’s statement underlines the delicate stability among freedom of expression and appreciate for non secular sentiments. It emphasized that whilst freedom of expression is vital, it need to not be used as a cowl for moves that incite religious hatred or disrespect.

Alignment with International Standards

Referring to international human rights requirements, the FO mentioned the United Nations Human Rights Council’s name to prevent and limit acts that provoke non secular hatred. The proposed legislation aligns with this mandate, offering a criminal framework to discourage such provocative actions.

Addressing Global Sentiments

The spokesperson stated the recent times of desecration of the Holy Quran and the profound harm they have triggered to the worldwide Muslim network, which contains multiple billion believers. These moves now not simplest inflame inter-non secular tensions but also undermine the concepts of harmony and mutual respect.

Governments’ Role in Promoting Harmony

Highlighting the pivotal position of governments in keeping social concord, the FO spokesperson reiterated that government have a duty to thwart acts of non secular hatred, xenophobia, and Islamophobia. This concerted attempt goals to shield solidarity and information amongst diverse communities.

Inspiring Global Cooperation

As Pakistan commends Denmark’s legislative stance, it encourages other international locations to follow in shape and undertake comparable measures to curtail acts that disrespect sacred non secular symbols. The hope is that this collective attempt will make a contribution to worldwide interfaith harmony.

A Step closer to Preserving Unity

Pakistan’s reaction underscores the state’s commitment to preserving team spirit amongst religious groups and promoting mutual admire. As Denmark takes this stride toward the criminalization of desecration, the worldwide network watches closely to peer how this choice shapes the wider speak on the protection of non secular sensitivities and the fostering of interfaith harmony.


Q: Isn’t freedom of expression a essential right? How does this legislation balance that?

A: Indeed, freedom of expression is a important right that need to be blanketed. However, it’s important to recognize that this freedom need to be exercised responsibly and need to no longer be used as a shield to promote religious hatred or incite violence. Denmark’s law moves a balance among safeguarding freedom of expression and stopping acts that harm non secular sentiments.

Q: Will this regulation preclude healthful debates and discussions approximately non secular texts?

A: The law is focused at preventing acts of desecration and disrespect in the direction of holy books. It does no longer hinder wholesome debates or discussions about spiritual texts. Respectful dialogue and important analysis can coexist without resorting to offensive actions that hurt non secular sentiments.

Q: How can such legislation affect worldwide efforts to promote interfaith harmony?

A: Denmark’s circulate to criminalize desecration units a precedent for respecting spiritual sensitivities. This step can inspire different countries to take comparable measures, fostering a sense of world unity in protecting the sanctity of religious symbols and selling interfaith harmony.

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