Motorway Victim Breaks silence after Drama Series “Hadsa”, on GEO

In recent times, the Pakistani television industry has seen its fair share of controversies and debates, but perhaps none as profound as the one surrounding the Geo TV drama ‘Hadsa.’ Since its debut, this show has ignited a firestorm of criticism, with viewers and critics alike pointing out its apparent resemblance to a tragic incident that occurred in 2020. In that incident, a woman traveling on a motorway with her two children was brutally assaulted by two men. The subsequent outcry for justice reverberated across the nation, leaving an indelible scar on the collective consciousness.

Unveiling the Infamous Motorway Rape Case

The 2020 motorway rape case sent shockwaves throughout Pakistan. It not only left people horrified but also instilled fear, particularly among women, when it came to traveling. The victim’s identity was carefully protected, a necessity given the sensitive nature of the case. However, despite the passage of time, justice has remained elusive, and the scars of that night continue to haunt the victim and her family.

Geo TV’s ‘Hadsa’ has thrust this painful incident back into the spotlight. What makes this drama particularly controversial is its alleged adherence to the real-life events of that fateful night, despite the victim’s identity remaining concealed from the public eye.

The Victim’s Response

Amidst the uproar caused by ‘Hadsa,’ the victim, who had remained silent for so long, finally broke her silence. In a candid interview with the esteemed journalist Fereeha Idress, she shared the profound pain and anguish that this drama has reignited. She expressed bewilderment at how ‘Hadsa’ seemed to have captured the essence of her harrowing experience, despite her identity never being revealed in the media. The victim asked for the drama to stop airing.

The victim’s anguished words resonate deeply: “I am not dead yet! Do they want me dead? Can’t I just forget about this and move on? Do they even know how I am spending my life? Every day is a struggle. I am being thick-skinned and staying alive only for my children. They didn’t even care for my children. My kids have not forgotten [the incident].”

In a heartfelt plea, she beseeched Fereeha to put an end to ‘Hadsa’ and voiced her desire not to be forever labeled as the ‘motorway wali,’ a grim reminder of the nightmarish events she endured.

Hadiqa Kiani’s Response

Amidst the turmoil, renowned singer and actress Hadiqa Kiani, who is part of the ‘Hadsa’ cast, took to her Instagram story to address the mounting controversy. Kiani clarified that she had joined the project with the assurance that it bore no connection to the real incident. She further extended her support to survivors of sexual assault, underlining the importance of trigger warnings and sensitivity when tackling such traumatic subjects.

Kiani’s statement underscores her unwavering commitment to sensitivity and responsible storytelling. She emphasized the necessity of fostering open conversations about rape and sexual violence, as well as the imperative to protect and empower survivors.


In conclusion, the ‘Hadsa’ drama has unearthed painful memories and ignited a debate about the ethics and responsibility of content creation. The victim’s anguish serves as a stark reminder of the lasting trauma that survivors endure, and Hadiqa Kiani’s response highlights the need for empathy and sensitivity in storytelling. This controversy calls upon both creators and consumers of media to approach such topics with caution and empathy.

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