Retrofitting Access Control Systems with Full Height Turnstiles, Learn more

full height turnstiles


As access control requirements evolve, organizations may find the need to upgrade their existing access control systems to enhance security and efficiency. Full height turnstiles have gained popularity as effective access control solutions. Retrofitting existing access control systems with full height turnstiles can bring numerous benefits, but it requires careful planning and consideration.

This article examines key considerations when retrofitting existing access control systems with full height turnstiles, including space requirements, integration feasibility, compatibility with existing access control infrastructure, implementation timeline, and potential operational disruptions.

  1. Space Requirements: Full height turnstiles
    Before retrofitting full height turnstiles, it’s important to evaluate the available space and ensure it can accommodate the new turnstile installation. Full height turnstiles have a larger footprint compared to height turnstiles or traditional entry gates, as they require sufficient space for the barrier arms to rotate. Conducting a thorough assessment of the space available, including floor space and ceiling height, will help determine the suitability of height turnstiles and whether modifications to the existing layout or infrastructure are necessary.
  2. Integration Feasibility: Full height turnstiles
    Another crucial consideration is the integration of full height turnstiles with the existing access control infrastructure. Retrofitting turnstiles should ideally involve minimal disruption to the existing systems. However, it is important to assess the feasibility of integrating the turnstiles with the current access control system, gate control modules, ticketing systems, or credential validation mechanisms. Compatibility and integration challenges may need to be addressed through additional software or hardware upgrades.
  3. Compatibility with Existing Access Control Infrastructure: Full height turnstiles
    Retrofitting height turnstiles requires assessing the compatibility of the existing access control infrastructure. The height turnstiles should be capable of integrating seamlessly with existing access control technologies, such as RFID card readers, biometric scanners, or barcode scanning systems. This guarantees the continued use of existing access credentials or tickets, minimizing the need for additional investment in new systems or reissuing credentials.
  4. Implementation Timeline: Full Height Turnstiles
    Organizations retrofitting existing access control systems with height turnstiles should carefully consider the implementation timeline. The retrofitting process may require temporary closure of certain access points or areas for installation and integration. Therefore, it is important to plan the implementation carefully to minimize disruptions to normal business operations. Timelines should also account for any necessary training or orientation required for security personnel and system users.
  5. Operational Disruptions: Full height turnstiles
    Retrofitting full turnstiles can cause temporary operational disruptions during the installation and integration process. It is crucial to communicate the upcoming changes to stakeholders, including employees, visitors, or tenants, to manage expectations and minimize inconvenience. Organizations may consider implementing the retrofitting process in stages or during off-peak hours to minimize disruptions and ensure a smooth transition.
  6. Compliance with Regulatory Requirements: Full height turnstiles
    When retrofitting access control systems with height turnstiles, it is important to ensure compliance with local regulations and building codes. Full height turnstiles should meet safety standards, including fire safety and emergency egress requirements. Engaging with relevant authorities and consulting with professionals can help ensure that the retrofitting adheres to legal and regulatory guidelines, enhancing overall safety and compliance.

Conclusion: Full Height Turnstiles

Retrofitting existing access control systems with height turnstiles offers numerous benefits in terms of enhanced security and control. However, careful consideration of key factors such as space requirements, integration feasibility, compatibility with existing access control infrastructure, implementation timeline, operational disruptions, and compliance with regulatory requirements is crucial. By taking these considerations into account during the retrofitting process, organizations can successfully upgrade their access control systems to improve security, efficiency, and the overall access control experience.

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