Latest: Joe Biden Impeachment Inquiry, US House Republican Action

In a dramatic turn of events, the United States House of Representatives has initiated a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. This move, spearheaded by Kevin McCarthy, the House’s most senior Republican, has been met with both anticipation and skepticism. In this article, we will delve into the details of this impeachment inquiry, explore the allegations, and analyze the political implications it carries. Let’s navigate the intricate web of American politics and understand what’s at stake.

The Genesis of the Inquiry

The genesis of this impeachment inquiry can be traced back to January when Republicans took control of the House of Representatives. They wasted no time in launching investigations into the president’s conduct.
The focus of these investigations revolves around three core allegations: abuse of power, obstruction, and corruption. However, it’s important to note that thus far, no concrete evidence of misconduct by President Biden has been unearthed.

The Hunter Biden Connection

One key aspect that has come under scrutiny during the investigations is the business dealings of President Biden‘s son, Hunter Biden.
Republicans have raised questions about the legitimacy of these dealings and their potential influence on the President. These inquiries have shed light on President Biden’s knowledge of his son’s activities, further adding to the complexity of the situation.

Serious and Credible Allegations

Kevin McCarthy, in a brief statement at the US Capitol, emphasized the seriousness and credibility of the allegations. He argued that when taken together, these allegations paint a picture of a culture of corruption within the President’s administration. This assertion has ignited a heated debate within the political sphere.

The White House’s Response

The White House has swiftly responded to the impeachment inquiry, condemning it as a partisan move. White House spokesperson Ian Sams stated that House Republicans have been investigating the President for nine months without uncovering any evidence of wrongdoing. The administration views this inquiry as a politically motivated endeavor rather than a legitimate pursuit of justice.

Internal Divisions within the GOP

This impeachment inquiry has not only divided the political landscape but has also exposed internal divisions within the Republican Party. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, a vocal proponent of impeaching President Biden, has voiced frustration with fellow Republican Ken Buck, who she believes is not adequately representing the party’s stance on impeachment. This internal strife further complicates the impeachment proceedings.

The initiation of this inquiry grants congressional investigators greater legal authority to delve into the President’s actions. They can now issue subpoenas for documents and testimony, strengthening their investigative power.

However, it’s crucial to remember that this is just the initial step in a process that may culminate in an impeachment vote in the House.

Political Implications

With Republicans holding a narrow majority in the House (222-212), any impeachment vote would be a contentious one. The likelihood of the President being impeached in the House, where Republicans control the chamber, seems slim. The Senate, controlled by Democrats, would almost certainly reject such a move.

It’s important to emphasize that impeachment is a political process, not a criminal one. The decision to pursue impeachment is often driven by political motivations and considerations, making it a contentious and divisive issue.

McCarthy’s Calculations

Kevin McCarthy, as the Speaker leading House Republicans, is navigating treacherous waters. He is currently juggling various challenges, including steering spending bills through the House. These bills must be approved by Congress by the end of September to avoid a government shutdown.

McCarthy’s decision to back the impeachment inquiry may be seen as an attempt to gain favor with right-wing House Republicans, particularly in light of the upcoming budget battles.

As the impeachment inquiry gains momentum, the political landscape in Washington becomes increasingly turbulent. The next steps in this process will determine its outcome and implications for both parties. Whether this inquiry is a genuine pursuit of justice or a political maneuver remains a subject of intense debate.


The Biden impeachment inquiry has thrust American politics into the spotlight once again. While it’s unclear how this will ultimately play out, one thing is certain: it will be a long and contentious journey. As the nation watches, the fate of the President and the future of the Republican Party hang in the balance.

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